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Lessons learned from a light fixture

'Light#6' photo (c) 2005, Jérôme - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/While on campus I work at the library. For the most part it’s an easy job, and I get a lot of work done while I’m at the desk. A few months back I was trying to get some work done, but found quite the annoyance was succeeding at keeping me from my goals.

A light bulb was starting to go and was flickering off and on.

It was infuriating. I’m just minding my own business, trying to do some reading, and in the corner of my eye is this light. I tend to have a low attention span at times and if I see something going past me, I tend to look. The light kept my eye tricked into thinking something was happening just off to the left. But all that was happening was a nuisance that kept me from getting anything done.

I sat back and thought about it for a minute. This could be a good life lesson to learn. While people were noticing it, mentioning it, and asking me about it, the main thing everyone wanted to know what, “Can you turn it off?”

Everyone has an opinion, if you’re reading this that’s proof. A blog is a place where someone can express their opinion. I think they key becomes the way we express it. In seminary, we have a variety of beliefs. This is something I wouldn’t trade for the world and has brought about a great amount of debate and conversation. But every so often we end up with someone who becomes a flickering light bulb. Sometimes we let our opinions and views become so overwhelming that it gets in the way. Yes people are taking notice and they’re talking about it, but perhaps the question they’re asking is, “When will you turn off?” I know I’ve asked that to myself sometimes.

Right now we’re in the start of the year of candidate running for the next president. One of my least favorite times for watching TV. Because as we get closer to election day, the more we hear bashing and the same repeat commercials that are just propaganda and don’t push the electoral process further. The shouting begins and the finger pointing begins. While I know debates are not the most entertaining selections of television to ever dance across our screens, I think that the sitting down and sharing our opinions, views, and ideas is one redeeming aspect of the election season. The commercials where the finger pointing and who can shout louder mentality detract from anything. I tend to just mute the commercials during that time because I’m ready for them to just turn off.

Eventually I solved my problem with the light. I put my sweatshirt hood up and it blocked my view of the light. But I attempted to make the point to myself to not become that light. Sharing my opinion is one thing, but becoming a pain to everyone else is another.