librarian in training, board and video game player, creator, writer, and general nerd

I’m a student at Kent State University where I’m earning my Master of Library and Information Science degree. I also work at the Delaware County District Library as a circulation associate. I’ve been working in libraries for 8 years ever since I landed a work study position in college.

I have been a gamer for most of my life, starting with PC gaming back when I was a kid. Later I switched to consoles throughout high school and college. Recently, I’ve shifted back into PC gaming after building my own computer. Some of my favorite digital games currently include Portal 2, Terraria, Skyrim, and Counter Strike: Global Offense. I also enjoy physical hobby style board gaming, and can usually be found playing Carcassonne, Qwirkle, Munchkin, and Pandemic.

In my spare time I tend to write about a fantasy world called Ardur and the journeys of a wandering monk named Robard Blackstone. Currently, the project is a secret, though I’m evaluating the different ways I can release this to the public and get feedback and reader contribution while working on the story.

But mostly I’m a nerd. I love to learn. I love doing new things. I have three degrees that have taught me many things. I have a BA in Art which has taught me to look at situations in a different way and to be creative in finding solutions. My BA in Philosophy taught me to think deeply about what I’m doing and about the world around me. My Master of Theological Studies degree taught me more about myself and helped me to become more confident and honest in who I am. I’m passionate about my interests and work hard to make them the most I can. As a future librarian, I believe we are at our best when we continue to learn and grow.