Otterbein Internship

My name is Kellen Freeman, I’m a graduate student at Kent State University seeking my Masters of Library and Information Science degree. A final requirement for each student is to complete either an internship or a thesis and I have chosen to do an internship in order to gain experience in an area I hope to work in one day.

I met with Otterbein University in February of 2015 in order to determine if they were the environment I was looking for and had a project that fits my desired plans. As it turns out, they did, and I accepted the opportunity to do my internship there. What I was looking for was a position digitizing documents to provide access to historical items to a broader community. Additionally, because most of my work has been in public libraries, gaining experience in an academic library would help me to learn another aspect of librarianship and give me some perspective on possible career paths.

As both a requirement of the internship program at Kent State and Otterbein’s own system, I’m required to keep a log of my activities which you can find here. I have kept this site updated with the various aspects and experiences related to the project over the course of the semester as opportunity allows. You can download the PowerPoint of my presentation given to the Otterbein faculty about my work done at Otterbein by clicking this link.

Logistical information

Course: 60092-058: Culminating Experience Internship in Library and Information Science

Kent State Advisor: Miriam Matteson

Otterbein Supervisor: Allen Reichert

Area of focus: Archives and Digitization