librarian in training, amateur genealogist, aspiring board game designer, general nerd


I’ve wandered my way through various degrees and life goals before finding myself in the world of libraries. I started as a work study student in college and grad school before entering into the world of public libraries. There I learned about the trend of digitizing historical records to provide greater access to them. This project caught my attention and showed me a career path I hadn’t considered at a point where I wasn’t sure where to go next.

Now I find myself at the Delaware County District Library in Delaware, OH where I work in circulation and manage our new circulating board game collection. I’m also a full time student at Kent State University where I’m approaching the end of my Master of Library and Information Science degree. When I’m done, I hope to find a job working in public libraries serving as a historian and genealogist where I can digitize historical records and account from the local history and make them available online to the larger world.

Speaking of which, I’ve been working several years at my personal genealogy, but have recently begun exploring the lives of Civil War soldiers from the county where I now live. It’s my hope that this project will add to the collective knowledge and culture of my community.

Additionally, for a few years now I’ve spent a lot of time in the hobby board game world, playing and learning hundreds of new games. This passion has bled over into my professional life where I’ve introduced a board game collection at our library and will be speaking a couple times next year and conferences about this collection. I’ve also had a few ideas of my own swirling around in my head that I plan to put to paper next year.

Overall, I have a lot of experience and passions that at one time were all separate, but have begun to merge in on themselves. I’m finding that whether it’s gaming, libraries, genealogy, or some other idea I get, there’s some way to blend them together to make them more interesting and exciting than they were on their own. It’s this general point of view that I try and keep prominent in my mind as I look for new opportunities and ideas to share with the world around me. It’s the point of view I hope you’ll find as you explore this site.